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Vessels for Change



A collaborative art project to support Berkshire Immigrant Center.  $100 donation = 1 beautiful mug, 1 local brew, 1 celebration.

All 115 mugs have been reserved but you can still come to the party and make a donation, ogle mugs, chat with friends!  

Bright Ideas, Wednesday, November 15th, 7-9pm 



In October, over 60 area artists are joined their creative forces to make 100 hand-painted ceramic mugs in support of the Berkshire Immigrant Center.  We ended up with 115 amazing vessels!  The project, Vessels for Change, culminates in a celebration at Bright Ideas Brewing on the MASS MOCA campus on Wednesday, November 15 from 7-9 pm.   These mugs will be filled with beer before going home with their lucky new owners. 

For a $100 donation to the Berkshire Immigrant Center donors receive a one-of-a-kind mug, locally brewed beer and a party!   

Vessels for Change to raised over $11,000, equivalent to approximately 5% of the Berkshire Immigrant Center’s annual budget. The Center’s Director Brooke Mead says this donation will be a game changer.

Everyone is welcome to join in the celebration on November 15th at Bright Ideas, 7 pm.



William Archer, Matthew Ball,Tracy Baker-White, Renée Bouchard, Keith Bona, Stephanie Boyd, Cortney Burns, Sharon Carson, Jana Christy, Debora Coombs, Phyllis Criddle, Richard Criddle, Arthur DeBow, Zoe Doucette, Kim Faler, Mike Glier, Brandon Graving, Suzy Helme, Ghetta Hirsch, Jane Hudson, Frank Jackson, Ellen Joffe-Halpern, Joanna Klain, Alison Kolesar, Suzy Konecky, David Lane, Amrita Lash, John MacDonald, Anna Moriarty-Lev, Donna Loncto, Katie McAvoy, Sarah McNair, Julia Morgan, Mark Mulherin, Karl Mullen, Mary Natalizia, Dawn Nelson, Danny O, Linda O'Brien, Opie O'Brien, Michael Oatman, Derek Parker, Amy Podmore, Maggi Randall, John Recco, Michele Ridgeway, Wilma Rifkin, Bill Riley, Francie Riley, Anne Rocklein, Eric Rudd, Greg Scheckler, Ann Scott, Gail Sellers, Phil Sellers, Karin Stack, Diane Sullivan, Sara Sutro, Sandra Thomas, Betty Vera, Nina Zotcavage

The mission of the Berkshire Immigrant Center is to assist individuals and families in making the economic, psychological, and cultural adjustments to a new land.  Each year they provide assistance to over 800 individuals from more than 80 countries.  Their work navigating the complex U.S. immigration system, promoting civic engagement, and facilitating cultural integration is invaluable. By helping immigrants meet their basic needs, and supporting them in their efforts to become active participants in our community, the Center builds bridges of understanding and cooperation across cultures. Their work results in strengthened communities, reunited families, refugees protected, higher employment income and economic self-sufficiency for newcomers.

We have been tremendously inspired by the response so far. Everyone we have asked to help out, to make, to paint, to organize, to share their talents or connections has responded with enthusiasm.  We started with a small group of potters with a desire to act.  Of course, because we make pots, and bowls, and mugs—that was our jumping off point—Vessels for Change was launched.  A drinking vessel itself resonates with the theme of community, especially a vessel that has been created by a team of artists and craftspeople.

The mugs have been thrown on the wheel or handbuilt from slabs of clay, handles have been attached and the bottoms trimmed up nicely.  Artists have started the process of painting and decorating.  Around the end of October, the mugs will be fired again with a clear glossy glaze added.  The vessels will eventually reside in the homes of those who fell in love with their shape or color or imagery. We can imagine the circle of maker, artist, donor, dreamer bound together through these vessels.

We hope you will join us.  If you want more information or to help, please contact Stephanie Boyd, or one of the program organizers.

Sponsors/Supporters:  Bright Ideas Brewing, Williamstown Community Chest, Sheffield Pottery, Ray Bub

Program Organizers:  Stephanie Boyd, Gail Sellers, Phil Sellers, Suzy Konecky, Laura Christensen, Orion Howard, Amrita Lash, Sandra Thomas