I started my career as a civil engineer, building roads and wharves in coastal communities.  I have worked and lived in several countries, taught business management at the University of New Brunswick and spearheaded the development of the sustainability office at Williams College.

Now I work full-time as a ceramic artist in Williamstown, MA.   It's gratifying to be a creator and to employ techniques that have been around for centuries.  Making objects by hand is a slow process.  It allows time for thinking.  It changes the pace of the day.   The objects that are created, I think, bring a sense of that peace and calm to their users too.

My work is influenced by a sense of place, the impact of resources we consume in our daily lives, and the appreciation of local culture. I am inspired by the concept of “terroir”, a term originally used to describe the environmental conditions that give a French wine its unique regional flavor but that has expanded to include more broadly the concept of local food and culture. 

Recently, my work has been influenced by our current political situation.  I've been inspired by women, like Senator Elizabeth Warren and frustrated by others.  Some of my work has taken on a more literal interpretation of current world situation that expresses our collective anger and hopefulness.  

In additional to functional work I make for resale,I am available to work with you in collaboration on custom pieces.

My work has been sold around the United States, Canada and Europe.  And shown in galleries and shops in Canada and USA.

  • Saint John Arts Center, Saint John, NB, Canada Spring 2017
  • Eclipse Mill, I'll Drink to That Exhibit, North Adams, Massachusetts, Summer 2017
  • Hancock Shaker Village Gift Shop, Hancock, Massachusetts, 2017
  • Boyd Pop Up, Saint John, NB, Canada, 2017
  • Local Gift Shop, Lenox, Massachusetts, 2016 - 2017
  • Terra Gallery, Williamstown, Massachusetts, 2015 and 2016
  • Williams College Museum of Art Gift Shop, Williamstown, Massachusetts, 2014