Creating and sharing

I find that I can happily spend all my time in my studio making things.  At times its difficult  to pop up my head and bring my work out to the world.   To be a ceramic artist or any kind of creator means that you need to get your work out of your studio and into the world.  You need to expose yourself and your work, to ask store owners if they’ll carry your pieces, decide on prices, and be open to critique.  All of this can sometimes be a bit daunting.

But the act of creating is not completed until it is shared.

As much satisfaction I get when a piece turns out as I imagined, or even better when a piece surprises me (in a good way), it does not compare to the satisfaction of seeing a smile on the receivor's face .  

Often my pieces are chosen for gifts, a birthday present, a house warming present, or a wedding gift.  Recently, a college friend who I haven’t seen in more than 25 years purchased a bowl to give to another mutual college friend for a house warming gift.  I couldn’t resist adding an extra little bowl as I wrapped up the package to mail. Her response was wonderful:

“I just received the nicest parcel. Steph, the bowl is absolutely gorgeous, and thank you so much for my gift. You really didn’t have to do that but I thank you. I love it. Cathy is coming here tonight…. Her condo is not ready but I don’t think I can wait to give her the bowl.”

I feel that link that has bound us together across those years has strengthened with these simple acts of creating and sharing and giving.