I've been making wearable ceramics with the f-word written on them.  I call them f-wear.  They are a bit bold and saucy. And possibly inappropriate. But this year!

fwear (8 of 10).jpg

We can barely stand to read the news.  I've taken to skipping a day or two of reading the news throughout the week but then I just have to know what the bubblehead of a president has done.  You know where I'm going.

Then there is the whole #metoo campaign.  And even if we try not to, we can't help but think back on all of our stories as women and reflect on who and when and where we've been treated poorly.  And how we reacted.  And what we felt.  And wonder if our stories count.  

In 1985 or so, I was working as civil engineer and I had a client who always called be dearie or sweetie pie or hon or even better -- voluptuous one.  Can you imagine?  In my office.  While I am designing his f'ing subdivision.  Anyway, I remember adding an extra fire hydrant to the drawing, every time he said something disrespectful.  HA!  It made that conversation with him soooo satisfying. 

I got to the point that I was hoping he'd continue with his asinine commentary so I could up the ante on my little retaliation project.  I think I erased one or two before the final design drawings were completed but he did have to pay at least $20,000 more for construction of his project because of his way with words.  

But it's not always that easy, I know.

I've found wearing these little F-wear pendants somehow make me feel a little bit of that secret power again.  They are subtle enough that others don't notice the 'words'  but you know they are there.  You know.